Step By Step Guide – How To Build Your Sales Funnel and Content Engine

Your sales funnel is a marketing puzzle. Here are all the pieces you need to build a comprehensive buyer funnel. Please note: Your customer is going to make a buy decision before they speak with you. 1) Buyer Analysis – Your pro copywriter will guide you through this process. A) Analyze high-quality testimonials and reviews […]

Every Web Project Should Start With A Discovery Phase

Don’t do free work when bidding on ANY web or copywriting projects. You are a consultant and should get paid for your time. Here’s why every web project should start with a paid discovery phase: 1) It is a small project that establishes trust with the customer. 2) You might find a huge surprise waiting […]

Fascinations – The Most Important Tool in a Copywriter’s Toolbox

Eddie Shleyner 🇺🇦 says Fascinations are the most important tool in a copywriter’s toolbox, so I did his micro course. I read 100 curated fascinations out loud, then over the course of 5 days I hand copied 20 of them and read them out loud. Total pages: 14 Fascinations should tease a value, embellish a […]

Use the REPLY Methodology To Write Cold Emails That Connect

Trying to connect via LinkedIn InMail, but not getting responses? Here’s how you can let your customer know you see eye to eye. Using personalization, and a deep understanding of your customers, you can send personalized pitches that speak directly to your prospect’s needs. Use the Reply Method Here’s how you can write better InMails that […]

Customers Are Judges. Make Your Case Airtight.

Customers are like judges. The Copywriter makes the case of “why they should buy.” The Judge “listens” to your competition cases. Next, they judge whose case is strongest and makes the most sense. Finally, they pass their verdict and decide whose solution to purchase. Want to make your case airtight? I can help you.

Copywriters Put The Right Words In the Right Order

Friends, words are magical. What spell would you cast if you could put the right words in the right order? To get work? To get people to take click or buy? To protect your favorite animal? (Mine’s elephants.) The right words in the right order can do anything.