Step By Step Guide – How To Build Your Sales Funnel and Content Engine

Your sales funnel is a marketing puzzle. Here are all the pieces you need to build a comprehensive buyer funnel. Please note: Your customer is going to make a buy decision before they speak with you. 1) Buyer Analysis – Your pro copywriter will guide you through this process. A) Analyze high-quality testimonials and reviews […]

Why They Buy Deep Dive

Do this one thing to be better than 87% of all copywriters. Most marketers skip the research step. So before you begin writing subject lines, emails, landing pages, pitch decks, or ads, do this: Step 1) Answer all the questions in my free “Why They Buy” Deep Dive. (See the link in the comments.) Use real-world […]

Alex Hormozi – $100M Offer Unofficial Workshop for Solopreneurs on Feb 10, 2023

Dear Solopreneur,  The most important business book you will ever read is “$100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good They’ll Feel Stupid Saying No” – By Alex Hormozi It’s jam-packed with practical advice on how you can change your service from a commodity to a unique offering that lets you charge egregious amounts of […]

Sell the Ticket, Not the Destination Using Gary Halbert’s Future Pacing

Fellow Copywriters, Gary Halbert was one of the great copywriters. He “gave away” a fool proof system for winning at blackjack.  His whole sales letter was about how this was guaranteed to help you win big.   All you had to do was send in a couple of bucks, and get on his mailing list. Then […]

The Four Forces Matrix is the First Step in Creating Your Content Strategy

Copywriters, the “Four Forces Matrix” will dimensionalize the key reasons why your customer will buy your product/service, or not.  Ideally, your customer could give you these answers, but often these questions or concerns are subconscious.  Let’s deep dive into your customer’s mindset and the motivational forces that drive them. Open up a spreadsheet.  Create a […]

When You Write For Everybody, You Connect to Nobody. Speak to Your Niche.

LinkedIn Creators, don’t make this mistake. When you walk down the street, do you go into every store? Of course not. And you only buy from stores that have what you need. I struggled with niching down because I have so much I want to say about so many things. That makes for a general […]

How to Use ChatGPT to Analyze Your Audience Keywords And Talk Like a CEO

I’m going to share a killer AI query that will give your copy an edge. But first… Successful writers use the words their audience use. I did a word cloud of a post by Chris Walker, a successful LinkedIn personality and CEO. The other is by a fellow copywriter. Guess which word cloud is the […]

Each Piece of Content Is an Piece of Virtual Real Estate

Creating these posts take time, so I stick them on my website and use them in my newsletter. If you publish something once, it becomes a piece of SEO content. That content could drive traffic for years to come. After you craft a social media post, don’t forget to save it. If it’s good you […]

Theory of Mind – How Copywriters Read Customer’s Minds

Make more money. Read my mind. If a dumb little bird can do it, you can to. The thornbill imitates a chorus 1-4 other bird species sending up an alarm call that trick predators into thinking an aerial predator is nearby. Theory of mind. It’s when one creature guesses what another creature will do based […]

Write As If Speaking To a Caveman

“Always write as if speaking to a 6 year old.” We don’t write to show the world how smart we are. We write to communicate. Cave people had limited vocabulary, but they weren’t dumb. They had a deep instinctual drive that made them one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Despite all our […]