Fascinations – The Most Important Tool in a Copywriter’s Toolbox

Eddie Shleyner 🇺🇦 says Fascinations are the most important tool in a copywriter’s toolbox, so I did his micro course. I read 100 curated fascinations out loud, then over the course of 5 days I hand copied 20 of them and read them out loud.

Total pages: 14

Fascinations should tease a value, embellish a benefit, put imagery in your mind’s eye and have severe, striking and intense words.

Like this:

“Simple fight-ending moves that require no strength whatsoever! (I know of arthritic 80-year-old grandmothers who have knocked young male attackers senseless!)”

Thanks for the assignment Eddy. I’m adding this to my pile of 115 other 115 pages of hand worked copy, so it’s at least 129.

You reap what you sew. Do the work. Copy good behaviors like the pros do, people like Gary Halbert, Ben Franklin, Hunter S Thompson. #copywork #copywriting #copywriting tips

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