How to Use ChatGPT to Analyze Your Audience Keywords And Talk Like a CEO

I’m going to share a killer AI query that will give your copy an edge. But first…

Successful writers use the words their audience use. I did a word cloud of a post by Chris Walker, a successful LinkedIn personality and CEO. The other is by a fellow copywriter. Guess which word cloud is the CEOs? 

Chris Walker was catapulted to success because he uses the language of his target market, the C-Suite. Note his use of words like sales, leads, wins, team, lead, and acronyms like MQLs. Why? C-Suite is in a rush, so they take linguistic shortcuts that originated in army speak.

The copywriter uses words like people, change, narrative, and story because her target audience is her fellow writers. 

Every audience uses its own set of keywords and speaks its own sub language. I’m going to tell you how to figure that out, in just a sec, so you can get an edge on your fellow copywriters. But first… 

When writing copy, it’s imperative to interview your customers and use their own words when you assemble your copy. 

That’s right. You don’t write copy. You assemble it, as copy guru Eugene Schwartz said.

Now here’s your that killer ChatGPT query to figure out the keywords you should use when writing for your audience. 

“analyze this copy and give me a word count on the top 10 most used words and the number of times they are used in the text”

The top 10 most used words in this text are:

MQLs: 13 times

leads: 12 times

Marketing: 5 times

Sales: 8 times

team: 4 times

demand: 3 times

waterfall: 3 times

model: 4 times

not: 4 times

all: 4 times

Remember too…you are speaking to C-Suite, so make sure you use lot’s of % and $ in your copy too.

Damn this is a good post.

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