Sell the Ticket, Not the Destination Using Gary Halbert’s Future Pacing

Fellow Copywriters,

Gary Halbert was one of the great copywriters. He “gave away” a fool proof system for winning at blackjack.  His whole sales letter was about how this was guaranteed to help you win big.  

All you had to do was send in a couple of bucks, and get on his mailing list. Then he’d give you great deals on flights to top casino destinations.

And that was what he was really selling – a travel service.

For the young little whippersnappers in the audience, back in the day we used to have people called “travel agents.” They made their living booking flights and accommodations.

Anyhow, his sales letter very well. It built his mailing list and got a lot of business.

He did this using a technique called “future pacing” in which you paint a vivid picture of results, throw in a dash of fear, explain why its guaranteed to work and can be done by anybody.

Here’s an example:

You could sit in your rocking chair, staring out the window, dreaming of the days when you could walk without fear of falling, or be outside romping in the grass with your grandkids. All you have to do is buy my ‘bones of steel’ supplement and you to can have ‘forever bones.’

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