The Four Forces Matrix is the First Step in Creating Your Content Strategy

Copywriters, the “Four Forces Matrix” will dimensionalize the key reasons why your customer will buy your product/service, or not. 

Ideally, your customer could give you these answers, but often these questions or concerns are subconscious. 

Let’s deep dive into your customer’s mindset and the motivational forces that drive them.

Open up a spreadsheet. 

Create a column for each of the following:

Fears, frustrations, wants, and desires

Now imagine they are sitting in front of you as you ask these questions about your offer. 

In each column, list the answers they give you. These are in relation to your product or services:

  • What do you want?
  • What are your frustrations?
  • What are your fears?
  • What are your dreams? 

If I’m offering podcast content repurposing service, here’s how you’d fill in the blanks.

Their frustration: “I am frustrated that I can’t reach a wider audience.”

Flip it.

Their want: “I want to distribute my content as widely as possible.” 

Their fear: “I’m afraid my podcast won’t get a good enough return on investment.”

Now flip it to the positive. 

Their dream:  “I’m dreaming that my podcast will become a great source of leads and new business.”


It’s important to list out every possible answer you can think of. Shoot for at least 10 in each column.

Really push yourself to dimensionalize your understanding and dive deep into their motivation.

Now, when you write your marketing copy or create your content, speak to these questions or concerns that you see in this matrix. 

Remember it’s okay to focus on some fear, but try to stay on the positive side of things. 

Here’s a caveat. This requires deep empathy. Don’t judge your customer. Just try to understand why they buy.

Really try to be the devil’s advocate, and think outside the box on your replies 

Congratulations!   You now have a deeper understanding of what motivates your customer and can sell to them on a whole different level.

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